Onyx – Jennifer L. Armentrout


Plot: After Daemon healed Katy, they are bound together forever. Daemon suddenly has some feelings for Katy. Will Katy believe him that his feelings are real? As if that is not enough, another handsome boy comes to school and with him a bigger threat than Katy ever imagined. Is Daemon going to help Katy or does he have other problems? What did really happen to Daemon’s brother? Will Katy and Daemon end up together after all that happened ?…

Summary: Just like the book Obsidian, Onyx is a science fiction book with an inch of love, mystery  and a lot of secrets.

My personal feeling: I loved the first book, so I literally  freaked out because I desperately wanted to read the second.

This is the second book.

The first Book: Obsidian 

The next book: Opal 

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