About Me (Life2books)


Hey Guys,

here is something about me:

I am a young adult who loves to read books, because reading a book makes my problems disappear for a short while. In the recent years I have been struggeling severely with anxiety. Till now it hasn’t gone away, but I am working on coping with it and seeing my anxiety as a challenge rather than a life-threatening emotional feeling.

In the recent years I haven’t been that much of an active writer on my blog for various of reasons. For one I was struggling emotionally and mentally with myself. For another I was sick and tired of writing reviews that were structured all the same. Then again I was and still am studying, which takes 99% of my time. Nevertheless I am always open to cooperations and new books to review.

I started this blog shortly after my lovely mum started her, now successful, blog “Funky Forty”. (2014) In awe of what she was creating, I had the urge to start my own blog and therefore asked my parents for permission to start a Blog.

Though this blog is mainly based on books and audiobooks, I do enjoy creating art and designing Outfits. My aim with this blog, is to inspire and help others to read more and to enjoy the little things in life just as much as the big things.

If you wish to contact me, my email is:



DM me via my instagram: life2books

Hope you enjoy it and don’t hesitate to comment and/or like a post.



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  1. Nyny says:


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  2. life2books says:

    I am also really happy I found such a good friend like you:-)


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