Tipps & Tricks


Here are some Tips and Tricks about the lifestyle with books. Enjoy!

1.You want to know how to enjoy reading? No problem here is how I do it:

– First I need an interesting book, so I go to the Bookstore and grab all the books that have an interesting title. Then I sit down and start reading the back of the book, to look about what it is. If its still appealing to me, I put it on my buy pile and look at the next. After looking at all the books I put the ones, that aren’t interesting, back and buy the other ones.

!Attention!- If you are only looking for one Book, you ether can read this blog and look if you can find a spesific Book or you can go to the Bookstore and just look at what you think is interesting. Maybe you can also ask a friend for help.

– Secondly I need time and space, so I get the comfiest cushions and make myself a little reading area (of course it need to have good light or you will damage your eyes).

If you think that it is too boring, get some friends and make a reading club or make sure someone else is in the room and also reading.

-Thirdly I make myself a nice drink and start reading.

!Attention! – If you have a big book don’t rush through it, enjoy your reading time and don’t hastle about getting your book finished because it takes time.

2. Book as a gift? But which?

It’s hard to find a suitable book for someone as a gift, so here are some ways to do it:

– Buy a gift card! It’s easy and quick. Pros and cons: The receiver can choose what ever Book they want, but it isn’t that much of an original present.

– Just ask! It never hurt to ask which kind of books they want. Pros and Cons: You have an exact idea of what you should buy, though there won’t be much of a surprise.

– Try to remember from the past. Maybe they already told you what books they like to read. Pros and Cons: It’s a nice surprise to see what you have thought about, but maybe she has already read it and you never can be sure if that person really likes it.

– Go shopping with them. That way you let her choose and can’t be wrong. Pros and Cons: It’s always nice to go shopping with other people plus you’ll know exactly which book the receiver wants.

Have fun!

3. Is this book for me?

Do you get book recommendations but then you don’t know wether you would like it? Well… here are my recommendations for you:

– Check it up on the internet. Most books have got a short summary of the content on the internet. They might also have a short insight (so you can see how the author writes) into the book.

– Go to the library and check it up – open the book at any page and just start to read. That way you can see if you like the style of the author. And you also just could borrow it from the library instead of spending money and buying it.

– If you are like me the previous tip won’t work. Problem: I like keeping a record of the books I read and I love a full bookshelf ( might I say my bookshelf is overflowing with books- hehe), so borrowing a book is a no go for me. Solution: Go into the bookstore open a book and start reading ( be careful that you don’t crease the pages or make it dirty) , if you like it buy it and if you don’t then: Oh well you tried.

Read what you love and leave the rest!



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