Selection – Kiera cass


Plot: 35 Girls, one crown, the chance of her life. America Singer is 16- jears old and lives in Ileá with her poor family. As one day she gets a letter from Prinz Maxon, asking her to go to the castel and try for his love. Her mom wants her despritly to follow the invitation. Her mother doesn’t know that her heart is already given away. Aspen, her boyfriend, also thinks it would be a good chance to get rich and tells America she should do it. America is not really happy to hear that. What will she do?…

Summary: This plays in a diffrent futur, where there are still Kings and Queens. Its a romantic love story with a little action.

My personal feelings: I actually was looking for a other Book as I saw this fantastic Book. I just wanted to read it finshed it was so interesting.

This Book is the first of a searies.

Next Book: The Elite

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