Harry Potter, and the cursed child – J.K.Rowling

A little while ago a new Harry Potter was published. I had to read it. So…. here it goes!


Plot: Nineteen years later Harry Potter is married to Ginny Weasley. They have one daughter (Lily) and two sons (James, Albus). But Harry isn’t the only wizard with children, there are rumours that Voldemort also had a heir but who? The rumor is that Scorpious Malfoy is Voldemorts child but nobody knows…

Summary: A Harry Potter Story with a thrilling twitch to it. Imagine how it would be if Voldemort won the Hogwarts war. This time though it’s Albus Potters time to be the hero. It is written like a script.

My personal feeling: At first I didn’t really understand the story, but at the end I truly enjoyed it.

This is the eighth Book in the Harry Potter selection.


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  1. Helga Aeberhard says:

    The book sounds very interesting, I think that I will be getting it to so I can read it. 😘


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