City of Bones- Cassandra Clare


Plot: Clary Fray would never have thought that there were demons and other creatures in this world until she saw them with her own eyes. The 15-year old ,red haired girl lives with her mom. Clary’s father died in war, or so she thought. Everything was normal until one night she went with her best friend to a club and saw the most frightening thing  ever. The next day her mum disappears, for reasons Clary doesn’t know and wants to find out. To find her mother she needs help, but from where? Good thing Clary bumped into this strangely dressed guy, he might be able to help her…

Summary: This is a sequel to the TV-Series: Shadowhunters. Although the background story is the same, the book is a little different. It’s a fantasy, adventure book with a twist of love and complications.

Personal feeling: To be honest I like the Book more than the TV-Series and/or the movie. Even though I have watched the film and TV-series I still have the urge to read the Book because there is always something you don’t know from the movie, but in the book it’s written.

This is the first Book

The next is: City of Ashes

The TV- Series to it is: Shadowhunters


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