Catching Jordan – Miranda Kenneally


Plot: Jordan Woods, 17 year old girl, is the captain of a great football team. Although her father, Donovan Woods – Starting Quarterback of the Tennessee Titans, doesn’t support her she tries everything to get his attention. Jordan, as you may have guessed, is the only girl surrounded by even more hot guys, but till now she didn’t care, until… a boy named Tylor shows up on the field and the coach announces that he’ll be in the team too. Between mixed up feelings for a boy she hardly knows and her unsupportive father she also needs to concentrate on getting a scholarship for a college, preferably Alabama…

Summary: This is a cute (may I say cheesy) story. And although it’s partially on the field there is loads of love involved.

Personal feelings: Then and now I like reading a cheesy book so it was perfect for me and I liked it, but still it wasn’t my favourite book.



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