Origin – Jennifer L. Armentrout


Plot: Katie got caught by the VM and is feeling terrible, but as her boyfriend suddenly shows up she doesn’t know what to think. Her sense of time is somehow gone. She is locked up, in a cell, but it’s surely not boring.

Turning to Daemon’s point of view: Daemon can’t stand to be separated from Katie, so he goes and tries to rescue her but not without a plan. Although… will his plan succeed and where will they go?…

Summary: Like all these stories it is very thrilling and of course love plays a big role in this action loaded book.

My personal feeling: I love all these stories, although it took a long time for me to read, I couldn’t wait to get the book in my hands as I already read the three previous books.

This is the fourth book.

The previous book was:  Opal

The next book is: Opposition


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