Girl Online, on tour – Zoe Sugg


Plot: Girl Online is now officially offline, but that doesn’t mean that Penny has stopped writing. Only a handful of people can’t a glimpse of her life. Now you probably think Penny’s life will go back to normal, but the exact opposite happens. Penny got invited by Noah Flynn, her boyfriend, to go on tour with him. And so she does. Although Noah hardly has time for her, she tries to look at things positive. The only problem is: There is someone who doesn’t want Penny in the way of Noahs career. Will that someone succeed?…

Summary: A love story, with true facts about being together with a popstar.

My personal feeling: The first few pages had hardly action, but after that there is pure action and love. I really enjoyed reading this book and hope there will be a next  one.

For the trailer Click here!

This is the second Novel written by the Video Blogger: Zoella.

The first book: Girl Online 

The next book: Girl Online, going solo


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