Night School, der den Zweifel sät – C.J.Daugherty


Plot: Since the fire, in Cimmeria, Allie and Carter are together. But it isn’t that easy to trust the other when they don’t even trust you. That is the problem, Allie and Carter don’t trust each other, so when Carter finds out that Allie has a secret and rather tells someone else then Carter, he gets very jealous. Thats Allies love life, but if you look at her other problems you would think she has enough to worry about without Carter being one of the many difficulties. She also finds out about her long lost grandmother and why she is really here…

Summary: One thing you can say is, this is a very mixed up story with secrets, lies and blood. This story is a pure action and love story full of mysteries.

My: personal feeling: This is the second time I have read it and it only gets more interesting. I love this series and would read it any time again.

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This is the second book out of five.

The first was: Night School, du drafts keinem Trauen

The next is: Night School, den Wahrheit musst du suchen


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