All the bright places – Jennifer Niven


Plot: Theodore Finch is a strange boy, who goes up to the school bell tower. On the school bell tower he saves a girl named Violet Markey. Everyone thinks Violet saved Theodore but Violet and Theodore know better. With that the journey starts and they wander all over the place and find pretty places. But as Violets world grows bigger, Theodores gets smaller…

Summary: It is a story that opens your eyes. Sad, but true. This is a tragic love story with a sad story.

My personal feeling: I saw this on a video blog and it said it was a great book, so without looking I bought it. But to be honest, I thought it was very depressing, although it shows the real life.

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  1. FunkyForty says:

    I think you are very brave reading this book – I could not have. xx

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