The Book of Broken Hearts – Sarah Ockler


Plot: There are four beautiful girls in the Hernandez- Family, three of them are already out of the house living on their own or with a partner. The youngest in the family is Jude. She has learnt a lot from her sisters including that you never should fall in love with a Vargas. “Easy!” Jude thinks, but as she stands infront of the youngest child from the Vargas, who’s a little older than her, it is hard to focus on the project her father and her have started. The project should help her father to get better but will that really work?…

Summary: This story has action and drama but most of all love involved.

My personal feeling: I think this book is thrilling, It shows you how much memories are worth and that you should use your time wisely. And although Jude’s father is very sick she tries to make it the time of his life. I dearly recommend this book!


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