Rock my world – Christine Thomas


Plot: Jasmine Winter is 17- years old today and lives with her mother and the mothers boyfriend in Berlin. Jasmine also has a boyfriend, his name is Conall and he is from England. Conall has a music band, but right now he’s making a break. Jazz, shortcut for Jasmine, also had a brother, but he died a few years ago in a car crash. That is also the reason for her lack of excitement, when her mother organises a party in an very expensive hotel. That party would have been great, if it wasn’t for that one incident…

Summary: Tragic love story with a twist of pop music, is all I can say.

My personal feeling: It is a very good book, but there are some scenes that are a little… I would say, you  have to be at least 14- years old. This bis definitely something for these summer holidays.

This is the first book.

The next one will be: ? ( Will inform you, as soon as I know the name.)


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