The Heir – Kiera Cass


Plot: 20 years past since America and Maxon married. They have four beautiful children. The oldest child is a girl, her name is Eadlyn. 7 minutes later Ahren, her brother, was born. Then come Kaden and Osten. Eadlyn will be the next queen, but she actually doesn’t want to do it. As her parents also ask her to do a Selection and have 35 Suitors stay, she doesn’t know where to go, but in the arms of her brother…

Summary: 35 Suitors, 1 princess, a new Selection has begun. This is a love story, It has happy and sad scenes. And it is very good written!!!

My personal feeling: Yesterday I was awake till 23:30, so that I could finish this book. Till now I loved all of the Selection books, but this one is really the best. I literally cried as the book was to the end and I can’t wait for the next one 🙂 . If you liked the Selection till now you will love this book. READ IT!!!!

If you want to see the trailer click here!

This is the forth book of the Selection.

The last one was: The One

The next one is: The Crown


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