Girl Online – Zoe Sugg (Zoella)


Plot: 15-year old Penny Porter has her own little blog named “Girl Online” (with over 1000 followers). Only her best friend knows that she is the writer of that blog, for everyone else “Girl Online” is anonym. When her parents take her to New York she is scarred , but also overwhelmed of the beauty and population. In NYC she falls in love with a boy and thinks she is the happiest person ever, but how long will that last for? The mysterious boy seams to have a dirty secret , but what is it?…

Summary: It’s a thrilling love story, with twist and turns, lies and secrets. This book is worthy enough to be read by the whole world. 🙂

My personal feeling: As you probably can guess, I loved the story!!! This Book is really great, it doesn’t only show you the bright side of blogging, but also the dark side. It really touched me and inspired me to write a story by myself ( didn’t turn out that good). As you may know this book is from Zoella a Vlogger (Video Blogger) and I really look up to her.

This is the first book

The next book: Girl Online, on tour

Here are two sites, if you want to see the trailer and the printing both by Zoella.

Book trailer  


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