The One – Kiera Cass


Plot: The Selection got smaller and you can really feel the competition between the remaining girls. But not only that, the rebel attacks get more frequent as Maxon slowly sends the girls, where there is no sing of a future together, home. America always fears that she’ll be the next going home. Over time she unravels big secrets, that shouldn’t be told and gets to know Maxon even better. Whilst the rebels hurt and even kill people. Family and friends get lost and it is hard to carry on. But the big question is: Will Maxon marry America? …

Summary: It’s pretty much “4 Girls, one crown, the chance of a lifetime.”

My personal feeling: It has been over tow weeks since I wrote on my blog, but this was worth it. Because I read the whole series up to this one. I love it!!!

This is the third book

The last one was: The Elite 

The next one is : The Hire ( But it is in another perspective than the last three were.)


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  1. bookcasterr says:

    Recently heard about these books and they are now on my ‘to read’ list

    Liked by 1 person

    1. life2books says:

      Dear bookcasterr,
      thank you very much for leaving a comment on this.
      I am glad I could help you find some new books.
      Best wishes and have fun


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