Selection Storys 1. – Kiera Cass


Plot: Have you ever wondered what Maxon and Aspen are thinking about, when they are with America? Well here is what you have been waiting for. Maxon will show you what he is feeling at the start of the Selection and Aspen is going to show you his world when the Selection already started. Both are in a complicated situation. Who do you think should be marring America?…

Summary: In this additional book you will see what for thoughts the two guys in Americas life have …

My personal feeling: It is interesting reading what those two ” gentleman” are thinking and it made me read all of the books again.

This is a “special” from one of the best stories I have ever read!!!

The first book:The Selection

The second book: The Elite

The third book: The One

The forth book: The Heir

The fifth book: The Crown

Ps: Warner Brothers has purchased the film rights for “The Selection”! More…


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