Pretty Little Liars 1. – Sara Shepard


Plot: A year ago there were five pretty little girls with horrible secrets hidden behind their wall of beauty. But then suddenly one of them disappeared and the whole clique split up… Present days the four remaining girls are suddenly getting messages and threats from a mysterious person who knows all their dirty secrets. The girls decide to get back together and find out who  the person behind  the threats is. So once again the girls get together and have big secrets…

My personal feelings: A good friend of mine asked me if I know this story and I said “No, but I would love to see it.” So she got the DVD out and we started to watch it. After that I was addicted, in a good way, to the series. It comes in Bookform or in DVD, but to be honest I like the Dvd more. It is thrilling and you never know what will happen.

This is the first series.

The next is: Pretty Little Liars 2.

Ps: If you would like to watch it for free in german click here…

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