Mystic City (Tag des Verrats) – Theo Lawrence


Plot: Aria is now with the rebels. She escaped from the brutal hands of her parents. Since the big fight in the subway tunnels she hasn’t  seen Hunter, her boyfriend. He is the leader of the rebels and won’t stop until there is justice in Manhattan. Whilst the rebellion leader is busy creating plans, Aria gets captured a few times by her brother Kyle Rose. During getting caught and hiding she is on a special mission…

Summary: Action! Action! Action! There is a lot of blood but also happy parts, however they never last long.

My personal feeling: It is hard to translate my feelings into words about this book. The story really makes me think about how lucky I am that I have such a nice family. This book has changes that not even a good Spy could have thought would be possible.

This is the second book.

The first book is : Mystic City ( Das Gefangene Herz)

The next book is: Mystic City (Schatten der Macht)


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