Raven Stone (Wenn Geheimnisse tödlich sind) – Joss Stirling


Plot: Westorn is a boarding school for famous and rich kids. Only with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions is: Raven Stone whose only living relative, her Grandfather, works as the caretaker and that is the reason why she is allowed to go to school there. But it isn’t much fun, because her best friend has changed and something is very strange. Raven tries to figure out what is wrong, but only pilled deeper into the mess. She wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t for Kieran Storm and his best friend Joe Masters.   Watch trailer …

Summary: It is very thrilling and interesting, has a lot of action, secrets and not to forget love… 🙂

My personal feeling: I actually was waiting for a other book, so I took this book and started to read. It is well written and I have to say there would be nothing wrong with a second book.

This is the first book and I really hope the second one will be coming out soon.

I will keep you informed!!!

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