Mystic City (Das gefangene Herz) – Theo Lawrence


Plot: Imagine Manhatten would be flooded by water. Every day a building would get ripped down because of that. Imagine there would be goverment-war. Well… for Aria Maria Rase the situation even gets worse!!! Since a few days she can’t remember anything. Apperently she took some drug and her parents had to bring her to hospital. They say she was about to get married, but is that really true or is there a secret, about her past, that her parents try to hide?…

Want to know more? See video

Summary: It is a absolutely binding story with magic and love involved.

My personal feeling: This is something different from what I normally read and it is very interesting. It has great literature and is very thrilling. But nothing for soft hearts Because there is blood and violence involved in it.

This is the first thrilling book

The next book : Mystic City- Tage des Verrats

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