Safierblau – Kerstin Gier


Plot: Freshly in love is maybe not the best way to go on time travels through the past. At least that is the case for Gwendolyn and Gideon. Especially when you have a tricky and important  mission. Since Gideon is acting soo strange, it is clear that Gwendolyn needs to concentrate on their mission. But can she trust Gideon or is he just another de villliers?

Summary: This is a Science Fiction Book with loads of love and action, heartbreaking-  as wells happy moments.

My personal feelings: I already saw the film, so I knew approximately what would happen. But I still wanted to read the book, because  as everyone knows there are a few parts in the book that aren’t in the film.

This book is the second of three.

The first book: Rubinrot

The next Book: Smaragdgrün


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