Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins


Plot: The 75- year of the Hungergames stands infront of Panem and it´s 12 Districs. This time presidant Snow has choosen a very special invierment. Every 25 years, there is a Quaterquel, and in that year, there´s a thing that will happen so that the Districs won´t forget who and what they are. The last games were quite disturbig for president Snow, because 2 victors were crowned (Katniss and Peeta).

Summary: It´s an action book with love and much blood.

My personal feelings: Allthough many of you might know this trilogy, it is allways good to reread the book.   It´s heartbreaking, but I just love the action and the way it´s writen.

This is the second book of a tilogy.

The first book : The Hunger Games

The next book: Mockingjay


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