Rubinrot – Kerstin Gier


Plot: Since a few centuries there are 2 families, the Montrose and the De Villiers, that have a big secret. 12 people in total have a special gene,which allows you to travel in between times. By the Montrose’s family, the female can get the gene and by the De Villiers family, the male can get it. The 16- year old girl, Gwendolyn Sheppard, is a Montrose and she is pretty much the black sheep in her family. Her “lovely” cousin Charlotte is relatively the opposite of Gwendolyn and everybody believes that Charlotte has the time travel gene. Gwendolyn had the same opinion, until everything in her went upside-down and her normal life is over. As if that wasn’t enough, she falls in love with the most complicated person, and she actually shouldn’t. What will happen? Find out more….

Summary: This plays in the past and is at first very confusing, but when you are in the book, it is an interesting time travel story with much love involved.

My personal feelings: The first 100 pages were boring, but the rest was very interesting and thrilling.

This is the first book in a trilogy.

The next book: Saphireblau


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