The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins


Plot: “Primrose Everdeen!” Effie Trinket announces the name for the feminine tribute of this years Hunger games. As Katniss realises what that means she doesn’t hesitate to step forward and volunteer. By doing that she saves her sister and offers her own life. But she didm`t know who the masculine tribute and as she hears the name everything turns up side down. What will Katniss Everdeen do? How will she react? And, will she survive? …

Summary: This is a thrilling series with a twist of love and loads of blood.

My personal feeling: First time I heard about this Book was from a schoolmate, he asked me if I have read the book and I said no. Then a few months later the film comes out and I watched it. The film was totally interesting, thats how I got into this story. One day later I bought the book and read it with in three days….

This book is the first in a trilogy. And, if you haven`t read the book (also if you have seen the film) it is totally worth reading.

Next Book: Catching Fire


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