Göttlich verdammt-Josephine Angelini


Plot: The 16-year old Girl, Helen Hamilton, lives with her Father on the small Island “Nantucket”. Helens life is pretty boring, until a large, rich Family moves to the Island. She can’t explain what happens but somehow she hates the Family for no reason and wants to kill them. After Lucas, one of the sons from the family, saves Helens life, it’s as if she never wanted to kill them and the Family get on very well with her. But that is not the end of the story, it is only the beginning. The beautiful and exotic girl is a big mystery to the Family and they want to find out as much as possible. The problem is both Helen and the Family are in danger…

Summary: If you like Greek methology with a twist of love and mystery than this is exactly your thing.

My personal feeling: My friend showed me this book and said it was very interesting, and as she knows  I love Greek metrology so  she figured it would be quiet fitting for me. I love this book.

This book is the first of a trilogy.

Next Book: Göttlich verloren


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