Night School, Du darfst keinem trauen – C.J.Daugherty


Plot: The 15-jear old Girl Allie is a rebel. Her parents don’t know what to do with her and send her to a privat, mysterious boarding school. Allie notices at the very first sight that this school is something special and has very many secrets. The two Boys, which she meets  in school, also don’t help to make the situation  in cimmeria, the boarding school, better. It is like a roller coaster and Allie doesn’t know what is happening around her, and what will happen next?…. All we know is you can’t trust anyone !!!

Summary: Night School is a mysterious and interesting book about a Girl and her live with loads of changes in love. It is a thrilling story

My personal feeling: Although this is a little thrilling you always want to know what happens next and how it ends.

This book is the first book of a series of five

Next book: Night School, Der den Zweifel sät.

Here is the Website


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